Welcome to the world of law enforcement as told by those whose front row seat inspires a fascinating glimpse into the police profession. Our goal is to provide you with a list of Interesting publications for your reading enjoyment. The museum does not endorse, review or sell any of the listed books, but simply provides a list of books with content descriptions for your reference. We welcome suggestions to add to this list.

Dances with Fire by Dick Burdette

Anna Mae Aquash , a member of Canada’s Micmac Indian tribe ,was a prominent young activist in the American Indian Movement during the early 1970s. But on a cold December night in 1975, she became something else: the victim of a brutal murder. A bullet was fired into the back of her head, after which she was left to die, alone, at the bottom of a cliff in the remote, desolate Badlands of South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Who would do such a thing—and why? AIM blamed the FBI; the FBI blamed AIM. The bitter, finger-pointing controversy continued for nearly 20 years. So did an intermittent investigation that went nowhere. Then in 1994, Oglala tribal member Bob Ecoffey, recently appointed .U.S. Marshal for the state of South Dakota by President Clinton, reopened the case. The trail soon led to Denver, Colorado. There, quite by happenstance, Ecoffey enlisted the assistance of Denver PD Detective Abe Alonzo. Together, along with Bureau of Indian Affairs investigator Mitch Pourier, also an Oglala tribal member, and FBI Special Agent James Graf, they spearheaded a passionate, relentless 10-year journey whose sole destination was justice. Justice for Anna Mae Aquash. Dances With Fire is the story of that quest.

Written in consultation with Retired Detective Abe Alonzo.

THE PROTECTORS by James Bultema

The Protectors takes the reader down the streets of police history, as a collaborator, with the use of over 300 captivating photographs. Police are at the front lines of history as it is being made, and these riveting photographs showcase America’s story as it’s unfolding through officers in action. Through the magic of the camera lens, a vanished world lives again and invites the viewer to be part of a moment long ago and partner up with those brave souls who were and are The Protectors of a nation.

I Love a Cop, Third Edition: What Police Families Need to Know

Police families are brave, resilient, and proud–and they face remarkable challenges, sometimes on a daily basis. Now thoroughly updated for today’s turbulent times, this is the resource that cops and their loved ones have relied on for decades. Trusted expert Ellen Kirschman gives you practical ways to manage the stress of the job and create a healthy, supportive home environment. The third edition features the latest information, new stories from police families, two new chapters, and fully updated resources. Dr. Kirschman acknowledges the tough realities of life on the force and offers frank, realistic suggestions for handling everyday relationship dilemmas as well as serious issues like trauma, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse. Whether you read this book cover to cover or reach for it when problems arise, you will find no-nonsense guidance to help your family thrive.

Mental health professionals, see also Counseling Cops: What Clinicians Need to Know, by Ellen Kirschman, Mark Kamena, and Joel Fay.

Emotional survival for law enforcement: A guide for officers and their families

Dr. Gilmartin is a behavioral scientist who specializes in issues related to law enforcement. With twenty years of police experience under his belt, he currently provides service to the law enforcement community as a consultant. In writing this book, it was his goal to aid officers and their families in maintaining and/or improving their quality of life both personally ad professionally.