Sgt. Dean Christopherson, Past President Executive Board, Board Member and Advisor

Dean was a founding member of the Executive Board of the DPLEM since 2006. His passion for the preservation and history of the policing in Denver has been the catalyst behind this project. This passion was what ignited the idea of a Police Museum in the Denver metro area. Dean is currently a sergeant assigned to District 1 with the Denver Police Department. He joined the DPD in July 2000 and worked patrol until appointed Community Resource Officer in District Four, from 2007 until June 2013. Prior to that, he worked as a Narcotics Enforcement Agent, under the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation from 1992 – 2000. In the years before his law enforcement career, he was in the hospitality business, owning and operating his own restaurants, and as Vice – President Operations, for a franchising company based in the Midwest, with locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. In addition, Dean also has nearly 7 years of previous experience as a Firefighter. Dean conducts research of fallen officers for placement on the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund website, as well as other historical information related to law enforcement.