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New Badge Honors Fallen Officer Celena Hollis and 160th Anniversary

Officer Celena Hollis, badge number 05162, was in uniform and working off-duty at the City Park Jazz Festival on June 24, 2012, when she was shot at 8:08 p.m., while responding to break up a gang fight by the pavilion next to City Park Lake. She died a short time later at Denver Health Medical Center. Officer Hollis was 32 years old, and survived by her daughter, Amyre, who was 12 years old at the time of her mother’s death, as well as by other family members. She was buried at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver. The seven-year veteran of the

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A Small But Mighty Collection of Scrapbooks

First-Hand Accounts Humanize Officers and Help to Tell Personal Histories The Denver Police Museum houses many significant artifacts with rich histories essential to our mission of building a bridge between the community and the Denver Police Department through storytelling. Along with artifacts, our collection is also made up of a small but mighty collection of scrapbooks. Although the term scrapbook may invoke imagery of the local craft store and a mother creating a book to preserve the memories of their child’s most prized moments; these scrapbooks are similar in the sense of preservation of memories and stories but tend to

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