Join Us for Pups On Patrol!

We’re looking for a few good dogs (and their owners) to answer the call.

Do you want your pup to be a crime-sniffing super-canine? Pups On Patrol can help sniff out dangerous activity in your neighborhood.

This dog-walker watch program encourages dog-owners to assist law enforcement as extra eyes and ears while walking their dogs.

Pups On Patrol will train you how to spot suspicious activity while you’re out walking your dog so you can alert law enforcement to crimes or suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. The Pups On Patrol program gives dog owners (and their furry four legged friends), the tools and tricks to effectively observe and report suspicious activity.

Through this program, you can not only keep your pup healthy with daily walks, but also work on your neighborhood watch skills to keep your community safe!*
*Registration is required. Only one dog per owner. Dogs must be on leash.


May 18 @ 10am

May 18 @ 1pm